Secretlab kündigt den TITAN Evo 2022 an

Aus Gründen der Aktualität im englischen Original:


Secretlab SoftWeave® Plus Fabric

An upgraded and more advanced version of our SoftWeave® fabric engineered to be softer, more breathable, and even more durable. A new construction comprising interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers allows for smaller details to be incorporated into every stitch, enabling us to map complex designs in a multi-layered textile with different layers of color.

Comes in our best-selling styles and all-new colorways, including Arctic White, Cookies & Cream, BLACK3, Plush Pink, Frost Blue and Mint Green.

Secretlab NEOTM Hybrid Leatherette

A new-generation premium leatherette that recreates the luster and resilience of NAPA leather, while being even tougher than our signature PRIMETM 2.0 PU leather. 12x more durable than regular PU leather, it remains incredibly plush and supple, with a unique top laminate and base layer reinforced with ultra-fine fibers. Available in Stealth, Black, Classic, Ash and Royal.

All-new 4-way L-ADAPTTM Lumbar System

Redesigned with a new dimension of adjustability for total support for your lower back. Move it up and down or in and out, so you can adjust it to sit perfectly against your spine. A lattice of living hinges adapts readily to the unique curvature of your back.

Full-metal 4D Armrests with new CloudSwapTM
replacement system

Swap out your armrest top to your preferred material in seconds. The magnetic CloudSwapTM replacement system allows you to easily upgrade to the Secretlab Technogel Premium Armrest Top — German-made memory gel conforms to your wrists and elbows in all directions for more even weight distribution and improved pressure relief. More materials to come in time.

Secretlab Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow

No more fiddling with adjustment straps. Simply slide it up or down your backrest for the perfect fit. Filled with our signature dense, premium memory foam and infused with a layer of cooling gel for enhanced thermoregulation.

One chair. Three sizes.

Enjoy the same dedicated lumbar support and research-backed ergonomic features with the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 in Small, Regular and XL. Simply pick the size that fits you best.

Redesigned proprietary pebble seat base

The new ergonomic seat base combines the best of the Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN, encouraging natural movement while still providing the right amount of comfort and support. It guides your body toward the middle of the seat for optimal support, while still leaving plenty of room for you to sit cross-legged.

Multiple quality-of-life upgrades

We’ve incorporated shorter hydraulics with improved design engineering of the seat base to cater to a wider range of users.

In addition, the height, tilt and recline levers now sit at better angles and positioning for easier reach.

We’ve also redesigned the feel of the recline handle and lumbar adjustment knobs for better grip.


Patent-pending cold cure foam formulation

The same medium-firm consistency for the optimal balance between comfort and support that people love.

Multi-tilt Mechanism

Constructed from the same industrial-grade raw materials for toughness and then certified by internationally recognized authorities for safety and durability. Lean back with ease and lock the chair at your preferred angle.

XL PU Casters

The large 6cm diameter helps the casters glide smoothly, while the PU coating ensures it is gentle on most floors.

Full-length ergonomic backrest with
165° of recline

Enjoy complete support for your head and shoulders, no matter how you like to sit.

Easy, streamlined assembly

The same pre-installed backrest bracket and magnetic side covers to simplify the assembly process.

Über Alexander Wittek 1886 Artikel
2012 habe ich es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht meine vielseitigen Erfahrungen nicht nur für mich zu behalten sondern mit euch - den Gamern - zu teilen! Ich spiele seit ich denken kann! Kein Spiel ist vor mir sicher, am liebsten sind mir RPG und Shooter, wie z.B. Destiny, CoD, BF, Mass Effect, Dark Souls, aber auch FIFA und andere Multiplayer-Games halten mich stets bei Laune!

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